Cody Canada & The Departed

Three bandmates. Fourteen songs that blur the lines between hard-edged country, rock & roll, and all the gritty sounds in between.

The Reverent Few

With a sound that has thumbprints of soul, spiritual and gospel influences, along with harmonies and hard truths sung with guts and grit, The Reverent Few‘s songs echo the sentiments of survival and hope. 

They name their greatest influences as their heavenly parents, Tracy Boettcher & Veronica DeChausse, and though one was a singer and one swung a hammer they enforced the importance of humility and humor, integrity, honesty and soul. They sing songs because they have to and carry on phrases some couldn’t finish. Their latest record is dedicated to their parents.

Love & Chaos

Nestled somewhere between the beauty of love and the turmoil of chaos comes the unique sound from Texas artists and long-time co-collaborators, AJ Vallejo & Kendall Beard. AJ , being voted 3-time Producer of the Year at the Austin Music Awards, teamed up with Kendall after her Idol  stint recording her 2 full-length albums. The studio relationship during that period proved to be so fruitful that the powerful songwriting duo came together as a duo project to create something new with an undeniable chemistry that carries over into each and every song. 

Garrett Ford

With the release of his debut album, “Woke up in Waco,” Ford has kept busy working stages from Lubbock to Houston. Starting out by playing the college circuit/6th Street bar residencies, Ford learned the importance of keeping people on the floor, and both his album & the band’s set aims to do just that. Blending hot California guitar licks with Texas closing-time lap steel and carefully sought out lyrics, Ford’s shows have been growing into their own signature events, providing the high energy that people seek to find when clocking out on Friday afternoon.

Paul Renna

Rooted in Texas blues, Americana, and a dose of outlaw country, Renna’s new release “Bound to Love” sweeps you off to a red dirt road riding into a promising sunset both musically and lyrically. The hook will have you from the the get-go with Renna’s soulful vocals and a melody that can only come from an honest songwriter transporting you to a peaceful path of hope and love. Renna has captured something here that few singer-songwriters rarely accomplish. It always seems to have that ring of truth that can only come from personal experience. It’s a magical little tune that’ll leaving a spirited residual long after the song is over. – Derek Sitter

Madam Radar

MADAM RADAR is an Americana rock band that punches hard with their explosive harmonies and eclectic original tunes. Having the unique advantage of three lead singers and songwriters, there’s something to be enjoyed for a variety of listeners. Once described as Fleetwood Mac meets the Eagles, there’s palpable energy in this family band that can be felt from the stage. Husband and wife Jace Cadle and Kelly Green are joined by her brother Kody Lee and his Girlfriend Violet Lea. Soaring guitar solos, sweeping vocals, rich harmonies, and the diversity in the songwriting as the lead singers swap tunes truly makes a MADAM RADAR show a unique experience. 


Waves is made of five friends who met through School of Rock in New Braunfels. Bands starting out know the pain  of cutting their teeth in the live music circuit and it’s a difficult process when you’re a group of young adults. Yet after three years together, Waves has snagged opening spots at venues like Gruene Hall, John T. Floore’s Country Store and Cain’s Ballroom, and you’re making your third appearance at Mile 0 Fest, a highly-coveted music festival in Key West, Florida boasting some of the biggest names in live music, so they must be doing something right.   


CLYDE is about music that makes you want to tap your foot, bob your head or shake your butt. Add lyrics that you can relate to and you’ve got “Texas Swamp Funk” music. It’s all original music written by Douglas Clyde Martin. Our bag of tunes spans 30 or so years and sounds as lived in as we are. We use guitar, slide and mandolin for melody and leads. Rhythm is guitar and several percussion instruments , a cajon played with brushes and a 5 gallon bucket kick drum adds to the rhythm.  Clyde handles the lead vocals and is the songwriter. Josh, Lisa and Jay Dee sing harmony and backup. The East Side Flash holds down the bottom. If it’s not fun we don’t do it and if people don’t like us then we are in the wrong place. As one of Clyde’s songs says, “It’s too late to sell out now.”


JADED is Austin’s newest cover band featuring selected songs that tell their amazing and “Jaded” story. Professional musicians from varied pasts bring you hits from the 80’s, 90’s and today. Songs from a little band called Boston to Santana to Journey to Don Henley to Pink and more! Jaded is a high energy band playing hit songs everyone knows and can certainly relate to!

Colleen Morrison – Lead Vocals
Stu Bailey – Drums Vocals
Jay Haygood – Lead Guitar
Jeff Motesano – Keyboards, Vocals
Jeremy Boyum – Bass, Vocals

Serenity Provencio

Nearly aged 11, Serenity Provencio attends 5th grade at Summit Christian Academy in Cedar Park. A consistent straight A student and juggler of multiple extracurricular activities, Serenity plays the piano and the Ukulele, sings, performs in Musical Theatre and the Triple Threat Broadway Stars Dance and Acting team, dances Jazz and Tap, practices gymnastics and participates in a cooking club.
Serenity has performed theater in “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever,” “The Wizard of Oz,” and “Mary Poppins.” She has been singing in music festival competitions since she was 3 years old and continues to compete and sing at events. In her spare time, Serenity can be found socializing with friends and family, attending church events, roller skating, cooking, and anything that has to do with the water!

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